Supported Browsers

We support the following browsers. If you have a different browser, your experience may vary, or you may not be able to sign on to your accounts.

You may also want to check our list of hardware and software requirements

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.x
  • Mozilla Firefox Up to 31.x
  • Google® Chrome Up to 44.x
  • Apple Safari 6.x and higher

If your Internet connection is slower than 28.8, or if you are using an old browser, you may experience difficulty downloading and installing the latest browser versions. We strongly recommend that you order a new browser version on a CD through the software provider's website. For assistance with Safari browser, please contact 1-800-MY-APPLE.

For your protection, we do not support beta versions of browsers. Under normal circumstances, we will support the final version of a browser shortly after the release date. We regularly monitor and test browsers to ensure the highest security standards for our customers.

To provide our customers the most effective and secure online access to their accounts, we are continually upgrading our online services. As we add new features and enhancements to our service, older browser versions or Internet devices like WebTV may not support these new standards. Upgrading to a new version will enhance your security.

If you're not sure which version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari you're currently using, follow these easy steps:


  1. Click on Help in your browser's top menu bar.
  2. Scroll down to About Internet Explorer or About Mozilla Firefox or About Safari.
  3. The top line of the resulting window displays your browser version.

Macintosh OS 9:

  1. With the browser open click on the Apple Menu
  2. Click on About Internet Explorer
  3. The top line of the resulting window states your browser version.

Macintosh OS X:

  1. With the browser open, click on Safari or Explorer on the top left corner.
  2. Scroll down to About Safari or About Explorer or About Mozilla Firefox.
  3. The line under the title of the browser contains the browser version. If you are using Safari, the build version is in parenthesis next to the version number Safari 1.0 (v.85.6 means that you are using Safari 1.0 build version 85.6).